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View – Aadhaar new trust factor JAN 2018

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Occasionally an event accidentally throws light in the whole community; An active and certified talk around Aadhaar is India’s less loyal society and this can lead to serious consequences for our future.

Many people who are worried about Aadhaar despite the government’s promise of the government are so much worried Nandan Nilekani? It is the fear of descent in an Orwellian state. In the Hollywood Conspiracy Thriller Enemy of the State, the fake elements of American NSA use technology have been removed from his job to mislead the role of actor Will Smith, and his phone, credit cards and bank account were closed. Overnight turns into a non-person in Will Run. In the Jason Bourne series, rogue CIA agents hunt one of them using their own ubiquitous cameras, facial recognition and analysis.

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These technologies are being implemented today, so it is difficult to remove them as fantasy. Corruption is rampant in the country – and government – is low, the exploitation rogue officers, there are plenty, where companies gradually calculations to solve the disorganized and the judiciary worthy of the rule of law to uphold the calculated and the rights of citizens by maintaining the base’s expansion around the original is beyond the scope of situations are very concerned Not the message.

So all boils down to trust. How can this or any future government block Aadhaar’s abuse or any new technology in a less reliable environment? Dual use of many technologies; GPS, Genetic Engineering, Internet, Cellphones, Drones, Social Media – each of which is very useful. The answer is not banning them.

In particular, Aadhaar is revolutionary in the ability to serve the masses and is a tragedy if it is abolished. With such new technologies, peace is not about the baby being abused, but rather think of their ideas to improve the ecological environment and limit the dangers.

Trust is a big issue, the lack of trust between citizens and the state is not a new observation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi observed in 2014: “The biggest need is trustworthy and the government is not trusting its own citizens. I want to change it, its citizens believe in its citizens. The trusted environment can change many things.”

Why is credibility About developed countries, social scientist Francis Fukuyama, “One of the most important lessons learned from the study of our economy, the well-being of the country and its ability, has a single, pervasive cultural character: the level of inherent confidence in society.”

Harvard research finds that reliable low-level countries find themselves to be a deep slum, high control and low economic growth in the ‘trap of distrust’. In such societies, people are more likely to impress and trade the public policy that benefits their own family, social class, ethnicity and religion. The authorities are likely to bribe and cheat. They support policies that redistribute wealth rather than increasing the overall economy.

In most of the countries, businesses are largely under the control of the family and the owners do not trust professionals and are small by all decisions. There are many small businesses in India, but why this may cause some middle-class companies. The rule of public institutions and public-sector companies is based on infidelity, so they are in a state of weak or uncomfortable. In contrast, they want more control that people believe in little; This applies especially to the poor people.

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How can countries escape the lower trust trap? The answer is obvious. The nature of adding more control is probably wrong. There are strong grounds for countries in liberalization, increasing liberties, limiting restrictions, and expanding social benefits. In contrast, in the period of time, they tend to tyranny. People are very loyal and are concerned about the differences between race, religion and castes, and they believe that they have a bright future.

It is imperative to create a growing economy and more job opportunities. Key institutions, especially the judiciary, are crucial. The ineffective judiciary is the main reason for being a less reliable community in India. But in the end, most of us should understand that the challenge of India’s development is financially rather than social, and the change we want to see in the world. If we do not resolve the foundation issue of the trust, our progress will remain on modern, democratic and prosperous society.


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