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Indiabulls Personal Loans Apply Online 2018

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Indiabulls Personal Loans Apply Online 2018

Indiabulls Personal Loans Apply Online 2018

 INDIABULLS Personal Loans 2018 Interest Rate Calculator

Interest Rates 10.99%
Per Lakh EMI Rs.2,174
MaxTenure 60 months


INDIABULLS Personal Loans 2018 Application Form

India Bulls is one of the most popular institutions in the country. They also have a series of debt products aimed at different stamps and types of consumers, such as housing loans, car loan, personal loan & education loan.

Application forms are confusing. To make them easier for you to understand, here are the parts of the application form of an individual loan of India and the confusing sections of the application.

INDIABULLS Personal Loans Application Form Explained:
Standard INDIABULLS Personal Loan Application form is in 4 forms – from A to D, such as:

1).Form A – Personal Details
2).Form B – Employment and Income Details
3).Form C – Announcement


Form A – Personal Details:


You will be in the upper portion where you have declared the applicant, co-applicant or guarantor. If you take personal loans alone, then you are the applicant; If you take jointly with each other, you are co-applicant and you are guaranteed if the collateral is guaranteed to the person taking the loan.

In this section you must fill in your personal details:

  1. Name (leave spaces between 2 words)
  2. Gender and Salutation (Title)
  3. Date of birth
  4. Marital status
  5. The name of the husband and the father
  6. Number of people depending on your income
  7. Mother’s maiden name (your mom’s surname before her marriage)
  8. Category for special purposes (SC / Estate or General)
  9. Nationality, residence status and religion
  10. Place of birth
  11. Photo identification type (Aadhaar, Voter’s ID, Ration card etc.) and the number of the card that you submit and its authenticity
  12. The driving license number and its validation
  13. Pan or GR Number (Pan Old Version)
  14. Passport number and its validation
  15. Highest educational qualifications and year of completion of this course
  16. Full current address (you should indicate how long you are at this address)
  17. Contact numbers – telephone and mobile number (s)
  18. Personal email id
  19. Permanent address completion (if different from current address). If a permanent address is present in the current address, play ‘Yes’ in this column.
  20. Telephone number of permanent address
  21. The office address or address of the place where you can run your business
  22. Office contact details and formal email id
  23. Repayment mode: Pay any amount you choose for repayment/pay for integrated monthly instalments (EMIs).
  24. You can choose any of the following:
  25. Check-Off: Your employer removes the EMI amount from your salary and deposits with the bank.
  26. Electronic Clearing System (ECS): Where can you get the amount removed from your account without manual intervention? This can be done for another bank account.
  27. Post-Dated Checks: Each month the bank will pay the checks for a specific date and the bank will follow them.
  28. Standing Instruction: Where are you banking with an indication of debt the amount of EMI in the same account in your bank?
  29. Other: Any payment mode you choose. Check with the banker for options.
  30. Relationship with the Bank: The number of years you are in contact with India.
  31. Instructions: You have to provide two people with instructions that you do not have to deal with your good behavior and debt levels.

Form B – Employment and Income Details:

In this section, you must first specify whether salaries, self-employment or your own business or pensioner are running. After that, you should fill in these details if you are a salaried person:

  1. The name of the employer
  2. Your job status
  3. Complete professional experience and breakdown in terms of current job and previous job experience
  4. If you specify a previous job, you should also give the name of the previous employer, contact number and address
  5. The industry you are currently engaged – for example, the media, textile industry, banking or insurance, digital marketing, sales, accountancy etc.
  6. The type of organization you are working with, your department and designation
  7. The number of your employee in the current company and the rest of the service (if you are in retirement)
  8. Your current company’s website
  9. If you are a self-employed person, please provide the following details:
  10. The type and partnership of the business nature and ownership of the business is a partnership
  11. Business and industry name comes under this
  12. Commercial license number and its expiration date
  13. The percentage of the shares you have in the company
  14. Name of the person with the authority of the attorney (POA)
  15. Net income, gross income, income receiving frequency and payment method (check/net transfer)
  16. You will have to fulfil these responsibilities in gross obligations, net responsibilities, and a month. Your company or bank may have an overdraft or debt exemptions.
  17. Details of credit with banks, loan types (car loans, personal loans, etc.), EMI amount, EMI payout frequency, EMI payment and outstanding balance
  18. Information about the number of bank accounts you have
  19. Details of credit cards you have
  20. Information about fixed deposit accounts you have. Details of assets such as land, property, shares, bonds, ornaments etc.
  21. You and your co-applicants and the guarantor (if applicable) will be required to sign in at the end of this form with the date as the self-notification of the information provided.

Form C – Declaration:

This section is more about reading the terms carefully. Once you have read it, you need to indicate your consent or disagreement, disclosing or using the information you provide. This form should be signed by all parties, including space and date.

After apparently about the information you need to fill in each category of form, you should not be confused or afraid of whether you are making mistakes. If you can not understand any part of the form, contact your friend who knows your personal banker or details. Do not fill in the wrong details or lead it to deny the loan. This is not only your chance to get another loan but also affect your overall credit score.


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