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HDFC Home Loan Interest Rates online Feb 2018 @8.35 Interest Rate

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HDFC Home Loan Interest rates online FEB 2018 In India

HDFC Home Loan Interest rates online FEB 2018 In India

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Before you apply for a home loan – or any other loan for that matter – you should make sure you have a good credit score to qualify for the most favorable rates. You also need to buy different loan offerings on the market. After all, buying a home is a huge investment. Make sure you are prepared before you jump into the wonderful world of the homeowner’s,


Step by step guide on how to apply for a home loan in India 2018?


Banks and other financial institutions have developed a variety of home loan options for consumers to fill the large demand. Take home loan is not a piece of cake and keep in mind that your monthly EMI demands a significant portion of your income towards payment.

Whether you think about home loans or  housing loans , the most important aspect that comes into mind is what would be the interest rate for different home loan options in the market. The interest rate on housing loans in India has varies from 8 to 9%. Various factors are are taken into consideration when you opt for new home loan.


9 Step Guide to Buying a New House Across India



Adjustable Rate Home Loan: 

Under this, your home loan is associated with the RPLR (retail prime lending rate) and when the rate changes, your credit interest rate will be affected by the first date. But the rate will be adjusted once in three months, however, the rate or your debt EMI may not be affected. When interest rate increases, the interest component on EMI increases, but the main element will be reduced, which will lead to an extension of debt and interest reduction.

TruFixed Home Loan- 2/3 year Fixed Rate Variant:

This type of loan offers you a fixed-fixed rate term and part adjustment rate term. That means you can use a fixed rate of 2/3 years on your loan. After that, your loan will automatically turn into the adjustment rate, adding up to the total of 20 years.

HDFC Ltd Home Loan for an Balance Transfer, new home, construction more:

HDFC Ltd provides housing loan for various projects such as housing expansion, balance transfer, new home, construction and improvement. The qualification and the required documentation are detailed in detail below.

HDFC Rural Housing Finance:  

Everyone has his own house dreams. If you want to buy a home in the agrarian and urban areas, you can complete your Dream HDFC Ltd Rural Housing Finance. Depending on your own farmland, HDFC Ltd offers you home loan and crops you grow. If you have a salary or self-employment to buy a home in the village, you can get a home loan from HDFC Ltd under this scheme.

HDFC Short Term Bridging Home Loan

HDFC Ltd will take care of your specific needs and will help you fulfil your dream of having your own home. If you have the space to move, if you are struggling to sell your existing home, you can take a temporary loan from HDFC Ltd. to help solve your problem.

HDFC Star Home Loan

Another home loan offered by HDFC Ltd. Star Home Loan. You can get a home loan under this scheme by giving your Aadhaar card only. Under this scheme, you will have a home loan of Rs. 15 lacs for up to 2 years. The minimum interest rate on housing loan under this scheme is 13% pa.

Why should I go for HDFC Home Loan 2018

  • Tenure flexible repayment period up to 30 years.
  • Attractive HDFC bank housing loan interest rate
  • HDFC home loan interest rate for current customers
  • A special platform for answering all questions.
  • Hassle-free documentation process
  • Part Predefined and Complete Advance Permission
  • Loan approval is a priority before choosing a property
  • Flexible loan repayment options
  • Free & secure document storage
  • HDFC home loans to farmers and rural areas available

Who can apply for hdfc home loan 2018?

You can apply for individually or jointly with HDFC home loans. All proposed owners of the property must have co-applicants. However, all co-applicants should not have co-owners. Family members are usually close to co-applicants.

Loan term loans

The adjustable-rate of loan for a telescopic repayment option under home loan should be 30 years. For all other home loans, the maximum payment period is 20 years.

The tenure of a loan depends on the customer’s profile, customer age at the loan maturity, depending on the asset age at the maturity of the loan, the specific refinancing scheme and other terms applicable to the prevailing terms.

Prepayment charges

2% plus taxes and preliminary charges at regulatory levels and charges, which are applicable from time to time, the prepaid amount paid.

Conversion fee

The fee to pay for a transaction is mainly 0.50% at a substantial rate and the additional loan amount or Rs 50,000 plus taxes applicable.


HDFC Home Loans under Pradhan Minister Awaaz Yojana
6.25% interest discounted loan amount is Rs. 6 lakhs 15 years, which is less. Family income 6 lakhs a year.

HDFC Home Loan 2018 Re-payment Option:

There are mainly 5 repayment options in HDFC Home Loan: –

Transaction-based EMI – Select this option immediately for borrowers who want to repay the principal and can enable EMI payment in the amount paid.

Accelerated Redemption Scheme – By this option, you can choose EMIs every year.

Telecall repayment option – A tenure that can last longer than 30 years, which refers to a better loan amount and small EMIs.

Step-Up Payment Facility (SURF) – Customer will pay EMIs according to his / her salary. Higher liabilities with low EMIs can be obtained, and then increase in income increments.

Flexible Loan Instrument Plan (FLIP) – This provides customers with customized payments in customized mode.

HDFC Home Loan 2018 Eligibility calculator:

HDFC Home Loan Interest Rate 2018: Starting from 8.50 %


Procedure to apply for HDFC home Loan 2018

Step 1: Go to Home Loan page

Step 2: Use home loan emi calculator to get the estimate on how much amount of emi you need to pay on your loan installments, tenure etc.

Step 3: Then drop your query on the small form

One of our customer service expert will get in touch with you with latest offers in hdfc home loans



ICICI, HDFC follow SBI to cut home loan rates

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